Sunday, February 17, 2013

Path to a HDB Tai-tai: Curtains & Blinds

After carpentry is done. It's finally the last step of house reno before the furniture and electronics come in - curtains & blinds!

After doing some research, and even going into JB to search for the cheapest curtain, my Goddess finally found one - Starpoint Curtain and Furnishing.

The owner has his shop in JB but comes out to Singapore regularly. He's very prompt in his service, and his workmanship is also good.

The only minus point is that his selection of curtain is very limited - majority of them are plain design with no prints. Which was ok for my Goddess and the Horny Devil as they wanted a simple design for their scandanavian theme.

The whole installation was very fast - just one hour and all the curtains are up

The first layer of white chiffon

And then second layer
Turquoise blue was selected to match the whole white & blue theme.

The two small rooms were done with roller blinds in cream colour for easy maintenance.

And finally the master bedroom.

The colour scheme for the room is beige, brown and black, hence the dark brown curtains.

Guess how much it costs to do up the living room and 3 bedrooms? In total, it costs less than $1.5k!

John, the owner of Starpoint is so nice that he did a set of complementary cushion covers to match with the curtains, even though he doesn't do cushion covers.

It is very windy at my Goddess and the Horny Devil's apartment. And so whenever it rains, the rainwater will get blown in. In the worst case scenario, the whole balcony will get wet.

Starpoint doesn't do outdoor blinds, so in the end they have to engaged another person to do it. The contact was gotten from their community Facebook group. A few people have been engaging him for outdoor blinds and he's price is competitive.

They chose roller blinds over bamboo ones because:
1. Bamboo blinds doesn't seem to last long as roller blinds.
2. It is easier to roll the blinds up and down.
3. Cleaning/maintenance of the blind seems easier.
4. The grey colour blends in well with the exterior and the grey frames of the balcony door.

Now with the outdoor blinds, they need not worry about rain splashing into the balcony anymore!

Starpoint Curtain & Furnishing
Tel: 9336 5052 / +60 16 733 2335

Outdoor Blinds (Tony)
9239 7833


Lily Tan said...

May i know how much u pay for the outdoor blinds?

*woof* said...

Hi lily, sorry for the delayed response. think it was ard $2k or less. Our balcony is quite small though? Feel free to contact Tony to get a quote.

Anonymous said...

Hi, where did you buy the swing? Is it comfy?

*woof* said...

Hi there, it was from Ikea. But think they no longer have it in white. We were fortunate enough to us have nice neighbours who gave it for us free. Think if you put in cushions, it will be much more comfortable! We like it because it's very slim and compact and doesn't take up much space.

Missus Cee said...


were just starting with our flat. your table and chairs in the balcony are beautiful. may I know where you purchased them?


Missus Cee said...

hi. where di you buy your table and chair>? ty

*woof* said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
*woof* said...

Hello we got it from a furniture shop opposite imm. But as the quality of their furniture is not the most ideal (we had some furniture replaced a couple of times and we are still not totally satisfied), hence I have not shared their contact here unlike the other vendors.

Affirmation said...

Hi , can I check with you on how much you paid for your balcony wooden decking ? I am still sourcing for wooden decking myself , so would appreciate it if you could introduce the company that did it for you.

*woof* said...

Hi there i listed the contact in my other blog post on balcony decking. The rates may have changed over the 2 years so it's best to check with them.

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