Saturday, April 19, 2014

Neighbourhood Haircut at K1 Salon

Now that my Goddess is preggy, she tends to stay at home/around her neighbourhood even more. So on one of the days that she was clearing leave, she couldn't stand her thick manes (her hair is really thicker than mine) and decided to go for a hair trim.

As she was too lazy to dress up and heavy to go to town, she decided to try a neighbourhood salon to have her haircut. It's going to be cheaper - and how wrong can  you go with a trim to get your hair thinner - or so she thought.

My Goddess also didn't want to go to any salons in Toa Payoh, but a slightly more reputable one. So she googled online for reviews. K1 had some decent mentions on forums, and so there so goes.

True enough, the price is half cheaper than what she usually gets her usual salons in 313. But the saying "you pay peanuts for monkeys" can't be truer.

The service was really horrible. And I'm not even talking about serving water/drinks. The hairdresser Lawrence was so rough. Even though he looked metrosexual or even on the feministic side, he was so rough in handling my Goddess' hair! He pulled her hair at every single cut to the point it was so painful! And the cut that he did was the old school style - my Goddess wanted to trim her hair thinner, so he took the inner layers of the hair and them shorter. So of course her hair will look thinner and lighter when it's all let down. But when she tries to tie them up, the shorter insides will fall out so obviously that it looks like a haircut gone terribly wrong (see picture below and you will get what I mean).

My Goddess opted to have her hair wash and blown too, so having paid extra, she thought he would appreciate it and give her a more tender and better service. Sadly, the water was cold. And when blow drying, the hot air was burning her scalp and ears. And the end result of the blow dry? Her hair was so flat and the ends still all over the place. My Goddess could have done a better job herself!

Super limp and ends messy hair after blow-drying

Only after she tried to change her hair parting did it look slightly better

And see what I mean by the inside strands falling out on the right side of my Goddess. There was also another similar strip on the left side, not visible in this picture.
And her overall verdict - no more neighbourhood salons. She can't take the risk, even if it's for a trim, and would rather pay more and travel farther (probably do it after work or while on half day leave since her office is in town) for a piece (and also peace) of mind.

Monday, March 31, 2014

New Playmate!

Been wanting to announce this last week when my Goddess hits her 20th week, but was just too busy/lazy to get down to it.

I'll be having a new playmate soon!

Thankfully this doesn't mean I get less of her and the Horny Devil's love - my Goddess still looks forward to cuddling me every Saturday, and I still get my weekly massage whenever she's here. Let's hope it stays that way.

Whose photo do you think you are taking!
 And I get to bully and still be manja-ed by the Horny Devil too!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Married Life

Many people whom I have met have been asking me "How's married life?" My standard reply would be "Like that lor, busy". Both of us hold demanding jobs which requires us to work overtime and over the weekend. We dedicate almost the entire day of the weekend to doing housework, and go back to our parents' place for dinner every weekend, one day each. Whatever free time was spent on working for me, and working or reading engineering books for him. This left us no time to date when we used to - exploring new places, new eateries. I can't even recall when we last caught a movie together.

But upon deeper reflection of how we have come for 2 years after marriage, my answer now is "It's not easy".

It's not easy for 2 persons with different living habits to stay together, and see each other every day. For me especially, I begun to take him for granted very soon. I soon forgot the reasons why I married him and chose to spend the rest of my life with him.

I began to lose sight of myself and of who I used to be. Slowly, I morphed into another person whom I wasn't before - naggy, irritable, picky, someone much worser than my already bad character.

I became self-absorbed, much ironic as it may seem, that we are seeing each other every day. But that's precisely the case that I became to turn a blind eye from seeing the goodness in him. Every little actions that I couldn't see eye to eye to disturbed me.

Such damages to the heart and soul are permanent. And by the time you have realised it, which is usually after a big fight, it would be too late.

Much as you would like to reverse the time, the damage has been done, the soul beaten.

There's a saying that goes "time will heal all wounds". Or will it? Only time can tell.

In the meantime, I can only constantly remind myself to be a bigger and better me, and put aside more time for such important self-reflections so that I can ever be so often reminded, like today, the reason why I got married, and how I should view myself as us instead of me, myself and I.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Yan Can Cook, So Can You!

If you have been following my Goddess on her Instagram, you would have realised from the numerous food posts that she did, that she has been making home-cooked dishes at least once a week - breakfast, lunch or dinner.

My Goddess has never been a domesticated person. Ask her mom and you will know that she hardly cooks or do housework chores when she's staying with us. The only things that she cooks then were maggi noodles, egg and luncheon meat.

But ever since she has moved in, she has experimented with many different dishes. This is because she has realised the importance of eating in which leads to eating healthy. She also finds it fun to try out new recipes and satisfying that the Horny Devil says it's yum!

Here are the food that she has prepared to date since Day 1 of moving in.

Friday, July 05, 2013

PR Agency to Avoid

I know I haven't been writing for a long time since my Goddess has moved out of the house. There's just so much to update - the Taiwan trip which happened early this year (it's already July now!!), the Europe trip aka 2nd Honeymoon just in May/June. I promise I'll write something on them.

But today is a warning post to all PR people out there - do not engage the agency P***PR. (not the full length of the agency name).

The experience with one of the staff was horrible. As a Director, she's not living up to her title.

1. She's totally insistent on her first proposed theme even though we had the campaign changed entirely and the originally proposed theme is no longer relevant.

2. She doesn't communicate with her team or check her emails. Even when she's in the copy, she will still call you and ask about things that you have already communicated in the email to her team member.

3. She's clueless about the correct name of your products and creates her own names when writing to media/bloggers.

4. She forwards requests from media to us late, if not, never at all.

5. During the event day, she turns up at the same time when all the guests come in, like she's the guest!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Maybelline Magnum Volum' Express Review

Apologies everyone! I know I have been quiet on this blog for the longest time! That's cos my Goddess has been busy with her new work place (ok, not so new anymore since it's her 9th month, or is it 10th there now). And every weekend is busy spent doing housework and cooking new recipes (as you can see from her Instagram posts), or if not working :( 

So no life right? She's not even going out to watch movies or shopping on weekends now that the Horny Devil is preparing for his Masters exam. 

Anyway, amidst all the busy weekend, my Goddess still managed to find time during weekdays to shop for makeup, and the latest item to her collection is Maybelline's Magnum Volum' Express.

She has read so many people using it on Instagram and blog, and it seems like quite an amazing product, so she decided to try it for herself.

The mascara promises volume - something that my Goddess is always on the lookout for. Her lashes are considered long, but she would like them to be more voluminous and dense. After 3 coats of the mascara on her top lashes, and 2 coats on her lower lash, this is the effect.

It's more obvious when the eyes are closed.

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Official HDB Tai-tai!

6 Feb was the official and auspicious move-in date for my Goddess and the Horny Devil!

According to the Fengshui master, they need to '安床' (set the bed) on the auspicious hour of moving in.    In order to ensure that the bed is there during the auspicious 2 hour, they decided to shift in the bed before the official move-in day.

And did I tell you Fengshui also states that they are not supposed to step into the house 3 days before the official move-in.

So on Sat, they had their bed shifted. For 4 nights, they were sleeping on the floor with a single bed mattress. Reminds me of the nights before my Goddess got married - she can't sleep on the new bed by herself first. But this time it was worse as the two of them had to share this single mattress.

On the day of the shift, it was also my Goddess' Chinese birthday. So her mom made her red eggs and there was also an angbao for them to give them blessings on their shift in.