Monday, February 18, 2013

The Official HDB Tai-tai!

6 Feb was the official and auspicious move-in date for my Goddess and the Horny Devil!

According to the Fengshui master, they need to '安床' (set the bed) on the auspicious hour of moving in.    In order to ensure that the bed is there during the auspicious 2 hour, they decided to shift in the bed before the official move-in day.

And did I tell you Fengshui also states that they are not supposed to step into the house 3 days before the official move-in.

So on Sat, they had their bed shifted. For 4 nights, they were sleeping on the floor with a single bed mattress. Reminds me of the nights before my Goddess got married - she can't sleep on the new bed by herself first. But this time it was worse as the two of them had to share this single mattress.

On the day of the shift, it was also my Goddess' Chinese birthday. So her mom made her red eggs and there was also an angbao for them to give them blessings on their shift in.

After breakfast, it was the moving in.

These were just half the items shifted on that day, which were less than half her total 'assets'
The mom-in-law was super nice, helping them prepare the shift in stuffs including the charcoal and setting up the fire

According to old traditions, you need to burn charcoal during shift in. Typically, the fire should be lighted at the old place and kept burning until you reach your new place.

Once the fire was lighted, it was time to open the door!

Huat ah
Then there was the display of the pineapple, again signifying a prosperous future.

And there's giant mandarin oranges and steam sponge cake. Orange in mandarin is called 子. So this gigantic mandarin orange is 大吉.It has the same words in 大吉(great luck, great profit). Steam sponge cake is 发糕. 发 is to prosper in Chinese.

In addition, all windows and lights were supposed to be on during the auspicious hour to let the air flow (风), while you are supposed to boil water too, so it will become 风生水起, again meaning the rise of prosperity and wealth. The lights should be on for the entire night (similar to Chinese New Year eve). Some people choose to cook dessert (糖水) so that the life in the new place will be sweet.

After all the traditional staff, it was time to unpack. The past few days the contractors were fixing the faulty engineered wood floor in the master bedroom, so in order to prevent dust from getting in her stuff, my Goddess didn't bring anything over until today.

This is just 3/4 of her clothes!

2 boxes of her makeup and skincare/hair care items

And 2/3 of her shoes in 2 bags!
And so the next few days of the Chinese New Year holidays were spent unpacking all her barang barangs. Shall share more with you her house decor and my experience staying there in the next post.


Anonymous said...

Hello! I know this is a bit old - But I just wanted to ask you about the volume rebond. Did you have to bring a photo to show Mira? & how is Mira's english? Will she 'hard sell' about treatment and stuff? Cos I really want to do a volume rebond w her but it's quite expensive :(

Ching Yan said...

Hi there! Will be good that you bring along the picture if there's a particular haircut you want to follow. Mira understands simple English, so it's not too difficult to communicate with her unless you have a very complicated style. A few of more colleagues have went to her for perming and rebonding already, and so far no complaints! And no, she won't hard sell treatments. She does recommend cos the services are ala carte, but it's entirely up to you if you would want to take it up. You can let her know you know about her shop through my blog, especially if you want the style that I had :)

Anonymous said...

Hello! Thank you so much for the information - Just 1 more question, are you allowed to wash your hair the next day following the volume rebond?

Winnie said...

Woof-lo! Like normal rebonding, it's actually not recommended.