Friday, December 16, 2011

Makeup Stash Christmas Giveaway!

Makeup Stash!, a blog that reviews makeup and beauty products is giving away some of her makeup freebies this Christmas! To win one of her listed items, you just need to like her Facebook/Twitter and write in what memorable gift have you given or received in her blog post:

My Goddess is always game for freebies! And so what's her memorable gift? I would say it's her gift of makeover to her twin!

Her twin doesn't put on make-up regularly. Even if she does, it's just foundation, concealer and mascara. As you know, putting on makeup is an art that needs a lot of practice and trial and error. When my Goddess heard that she actually spent money on Groupon for a makeup course, she offered to teach her some makeup tips, and do a makeover for her for their friend's wedding.

So after knowing what her twin was going to wear for the night, she began to research on websites a suitable makeup look to go with her dress. After a night of research, she decided on this.

Inspired by Marjolica, this is a perfect year-end smokey eye look that is sweet and dreamy at the same time.

So 30 minutes later, here's the looks.

This is a slightly toned down version just in case she's not ok with thick makeup since she hasn't been putting much makeup. Plus because of the lighting, it actually looks less obvious here. But the look is actually darker and more obvious to the naked eye. But taking the pict with flash will make her looked over expose, so this is the best that she can show.

But anyway, here's a comparison of her twin's own makeup.

Is the difference more obvious now with the two pics placed together?

I think her twin must have been inspired and awed by what makeup could actually do, and a few weeks later, she went to buy one whole set of makeup from Benefit!

So that's my Goddess' gift of love to her BFF twin!

By the way, Makeup Stash! also did a review on the Lancôme Rénergie Yeux Multiple Lift Ultimate Rejuvenating Eye Duo. Lucky her got the full version of the product instead of just the teeny weeny sample. Read her post if want to know more on ingredients and effects of the new eye cream.

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